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    Orders are processed the day they are received & shipped either that same day or the next business day (Monday-Friday). Any orders placed on weekends will be processed Monday morning. We know you can’t wait to show off your new #SWOONies, so we get them out to you as quickly as we can!

    For domestic orders, we offer two shipping options: Standard or Express Shipping.
    After processing, shipping times vary depending on the type of shipping selected at checkout.

    - Standard shipping is 3-4 business days once shipped

    - Express shipping is 1-2 business days once shipped (no deliveries on Saturday or Sunday)

    *PLEASE NOTE: These are estimated delivery times and we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order in the timeframe stated.

    INTERNATIONAL: If you ordered internationally please know that your package will need to go through an inspection at customs, which could lengthen delivery.


    Keep an eye out! A shipment confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to you as SWOON as we ship your order. NOTE: The tracking link can take 24-48 hours to show any updates.

    *Ordered a Prescription Pair? Your custom RX SWOONies take a little longer to make perfect just for you. Check out the PRESCRIPTION FAQs for more info. 

    For additional courier tracking, you can also visit the USPS website below. Copy and paste your tracking number in the Search or Track Packages area: USPS


    Unfortunately, we only have a small window to edit orders (about 30 minutes) until they are closed for shipping! If you need to change your order, please let us know as soon as possible at Please include your order number and name!

    Missed the window to cancel the order? No worries, go ahead and start an exchange or return for the order by contacting us here.


    What?! That's not what you ordered?! We will take care of you ASAP! Go ahead and send a photo of your order packing slip and your item to In the subject line, please put 'ATTN: Shipping' - Once we have this, we will get back to you within 48 business hours!


    We want you to be completely SWOONing over your new specs! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your eyewear, we will exchange or refund your purchase within 30 days of your original order. Your eyewear must be in its original packaging and still in new condition in order to qualify. We will cover all costs to replace and/or return them. Email us at with your order number and we will take it from there.

    Click Here for Our Full How-To >


    Your SWOONies are covered by our 1 year manufacturer warranty - starting the date you ordered them. This warranty covers manufacturer defects such as delaminating mirror coatings or imperfections within lenses. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear issues such as scratched lenses, screws that become loose or fall out, nosepads the break etc. If you have any questions or want to know if your glasses are covered, please reach out to us for help. After we process your warranty claim & it is accepted, there will only be a $10 processing charge due for the new pair.


    We accept pretty much any type of payment except for gold teeth! We want to make it easy to purchase the eyewear you love, so we accept many forms of payment! The types of payment are listed at the checkout screen. They include, but are not limited to: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Amex & MORE

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    We only want the best for our SWOON Peeps!

  • • How do I clean my new glasses?

    To clean your SWOONies rinse them in warm water. Use the Swoon Eyewear Safe Lens Spray hopefully you purchased with your glasses along with the microfiber pouch or microfiber cloth to dry and buff your lenses perfectly clear. Always rinse your glasses after swimming in a pool or the ocean. Pools contain many chemicals that can damage your frames and lenses and the salt in ocean water is extremely abrasive and corrosive to your eyewear as well. We want your SWOONies to last you a long time!

  • • What is blue light?

    BLUE LIGHT is part of the visible light spectrum that we are able to see. Blue light has the highest energy and shortest wavelength of all the visible light bands. High energy blue light, categorized as 380 - 455 nanometers, is closest to Ultraviolet light (UV). Blue light is emitted from our phone screens, tablets, computer screens and the sun as well as other sources.

  • • Why should I limit exposure to blue light?

    Unlike other wavelengths of visible light, blue light reaches the back part of our eyes called the retina. This is why it's so important to protect our eyes from it. In the sun we put on sunscreen & wear 100% UV sunglasses because we know that too much UV light is not healthy, but what are we doing to protect our eyes from too much blue light from our devices?

    Swoon Eyewear's Blue Light Blocking Eyewear protects our eyes from the harmful effects of blue light by absorbing and reflecting these rays so that they don’t reach our eyes.

  • • Polarized vs. Non-Polarized

    POLARIZED LENSES help eliminate reflections on the water, snow, pavement, car hoods, & more. Non-polarized lenses offer protection from light, but do not have the highly effective filter built in to cancel out bright surface glare.

    All of our #SWOONies come with complimentary UV400 protection, but spring for our polarized pairs for the most #SWOONworthy views. Polarized lenses give you the clearest vision no matter what adventure you're on!

    Benefits of Polarized Sunnies:

    - Removes Harsh Glare (so your eyes can see objects more comfortably in bright light)

    - Highest Level of UV Protection

    - Increases Clarity & Contrast

    - Best Option for Water Sports

    - Reduces Eye Strain 

  • • How can I connect with SWOON & GET SOCIAL?

    Show us & the world your daily adventures! Post with #SWOONies #SwoonWorthy #ForLifesAdventures on Facebook & Instagram & be sure to TAG US @SwoonEyewear

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  • • What's up with your frame names?

    Traveling is our therapy & adventure is what keeps our blood pumping. We named all of our unique specs by using the place they inspire us to visit. Each piece of pair of SWOONies tells a story on your face & gives people the vibe you're embodying that day. SHARE your adventures with us on Facebook & Insta!

    Have a place you'd love to see represented in our next product release? Email with SUBJECT: "FRAME INSPIRATION" - Include the name of the place & why you love to adventure there.

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    So, what SWOONworthy adventures have you taken lately?


    YES! We can help. Check out our RX Collection to order your fave #SWOONies with prescription lenses today.

  • • How long does it take to receive my RX order?

    It may take up to 14 business days to process your custom prescription #SWOONies. Once your order is on its way, you will receive an email letting you know that it has shipped including your order's tracking number. (Business days refers to Monday through Friday & exclude national holidays or other holidays.) Please contact us in advance if any holidays might impact the prompt delivery of your order -or- if you have any questions.

  • • What is a PD & how do I get mine?

    PD (also known as Pupillary Distance) is the distance between the center of your pupils. This measurement is needed when making your custom lenses so that our team knows exactly where you will look through your lenses.  

    The best way to provide this information is to provide it at checkout when prompted.

    If you do not know this information we recommend you call your optometrist to see if they have it on file.

    You may also measure your pupillary distance yourself by visiting on your smartphone or laptop. Just follow the 3 easy steps!

  • • What is high-index?

    A high-index lens is the thinnest lens material available. It also has a higher index of refraction, meaning it has a greater ability to bend light & provide a clear vision for people with stronger prescription glasses. It is also the lightest lens type for stronger prescriptions.

  • • What if I need high-index lenses, but I don't include it in my order?

    If a high-index lens is needed with your prescription, our SWOON Team will contact you. After we receive your approval, we will cancel your order and place a reorder with the inclusion of high index lenses. Please note, the customer will be responsible for the extra charge for the high index lenses.

  • • Can I get multiple RX pairs in one order?

    Yes! You can order as many RX #SWOONies as you'd like. Each prescription pair requires an upload of the RX you'd like on that specific pair. Be sure to upload the correct prescription with your PD on each RX frame that you purchase.